HINA AOYAMA paper cut art

super fine lacy-paper-cutting artist


Born 1970 in Yokohama, Japan
Started super fine Lacy-paper-cuttings since 2000.
Currently lives and works in Ferney Volaire, France

+Contact :

Email : hinaaoyama@gmail.com
Web site : http://www.hinaaoyama.com


They are super fine lacy-paper-cuttings done by a simple pair of scissors.
My passion is to create a finest cutoff beyond the level of the very time-consuming needle lace making.
I don't follow traditional but I am trying to create a mixture of the traditional and modern styles and to produce my own world through this super fine lacy-paper-cuttings technique.


2008      Le Grand Prix International á PAPER ART âMuseum Charmey Swiss, The first prize
2007 Le Salon des Contemporains 2007 Honfleur, the Second prize
2007 Triennal Palmares du Grand Prix des Distinctions Francais et Etrangers, Silver medal
2006 Le Grand Prix International M.C.A Cannes-Azur, Gold medal
2007 Le Grand Prix International M.C.A Cannes-Azur, Gold medal


Museum of Miniatures LYON FRANCE
Cosulat Thailande Geneva Swiss

+Permanent exhibition


"Most respected Japanese 100" News Week  JAPAN

+Solo/Group Exhibitions  (*solo shows marked by asterisk)

2011      KIRIE of the World in JAPAN 2011
Produce by Hina Aoyama World paper cutout Show in JAPAN
 11300 people's visit. 

2011     *KONIKA MINOLTA Gallery Tokyo JAPAN
2011     *Hanshin hyakkaten Gallery Osaka Japan
2011     *TAKASHIMAYA Gallery Yokohama Japan
2011      Museum fur Druckkunst Leipzig Germany

2010     *Gallery KAWATA
2010      KOP gPaper Arth  NL

2009      Museum Bellerive  Zurich Swiss 
2009      exhibition Gallery  Ferme de la Chapelle
2009      * gBarbadage de ciseaux h  Tokyo Japan

2008      Selected artists, Carrefour des Art á Le Japon, pays du Soleil levant â 
This exhibited with the engraving of Hokusai, Utamaro, and Hiroshige, etc.
2008      Selected artists, Museum of Charmey gPAPER ARTh CHERMEY SWISS
2008      Group exhibition TCHIYU ART in FUKUOKA Japan
2008      selected artists, for Festival cinema asiatic DEAUVILLE FRANCE
2007-8 Selected artists, International Museum of Miniatures, the Festival of Lights at Lyon, France

2007 Le Salon des Independants 2007 PARIS
2007  The seduction room at Gallery KU, Ueno, Tokyo
2007 Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris
2007      * Solo exhibition at WTO Geneva Swiss
2007 Art Forum 2007 at Montreux2007 Le salon des artistes contemporains at Honfleur, France

2006 M.C.A.-Salon international du Monde de la Culture et des Arts,    Cannes-Azur 2006
2006    Collaborated Exhibition with SIGG bottle show,
at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

2006     Hotel les Nations, invited artist

2006 Le Salon 2005, French artists show Paris, selected artist

2005 Paper-cutting art exhibition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
2005 * Solo exhibition at City hall of Ferney Volaire, invitation by a Mayor
2005        ehibition at Japanese Embassy Bern

2004 * Solo exhibition at Gallery Koba ko-ba, Kyoto

2004 * Solo exhibition at Zenzen Gallery at Ibaragi, Japan

2003 Paper-cutting art exhibition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2002 Paper-cutting art exhibition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

+Other activities

2004 Radio, NCB (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting inc.)

2005 12 x originals of paper-cutting works for NHK
 gFrench textbookg print use for a year

2007      featured to gELLEg of the magazine.
2007      gNews of FRANCE3h television LYON FRANCE
2008      Magazine  gARTS et MATIER du LivregFRANCE
2008      Magazine gJapan Close upgIn the world
2008      Free Magazine gCOOLg  NY
2008      gNews of FRANCE3h television TOURS FRANCE

2009     Art Catalog gTANGIBLEh In the world
2009@   TOKYO MID TOWN 2 anniversary logo
2009     Magazine gSTORYh  JAPAN
2009     gFirst Japaneseh NHK televition 
2009     gSekaiwoKaeru100ninNoNihonjinh  Televition TOKYO
2009     gUnbelievable!h Televition FUJI
2009     g100 Japanese whom the world respectsh  News Week Japan
2009     Art catalog gPERFECT PAPERh In the world
2009     Art Catalog  gillusive3h
2009     Magazine gillustrationh  in JAPAN
2009     Art Catalog gPAPERCRAFTh In the world
2009     Magazine gWeb DESIGNINGh in JAPAN

2010    Magazine á call20 â spain
2010    á Shittoko â TV Yomiuri Japan
2010    á chichin-puipui â TV Yomiuri Japon
2010    NIKKEI Journal Japan
2010    Kyoto PORTA Xfmas event
2010    Midland Square Xfmas event
2010    SHISEIDO
2010    UNIQLO  UT
2010    PAPER CRAFT2, PAPER CUTTUNG Publication in the world.

2011@@Yokohama City Maternity passbook Cover
2011     New Album Jacketfs JUJU  á YOU â & Paper cut CG show in her concert
2011     Morning bard TV ASAHI
2011     SolomonRyu  TV TOKYO
2011     Rock You    TV NIPON
2011     Mezamashi TV  FUJI
2011     Sukkiri   TV    NIPPON
2011      Radio FM TOKYO
2011      Radio J-WAVE
2011      Radio NIPPON
2011      Journal TOKYO , NIKKEI , SANKEI , ASAHI
2011      Wacol Poster
2011      Japanese Movie á Byakuyako â Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale
Others, described to the newspaper of Japan and France.